Friendly Finance

Friendly Finance is an Australian financial start-up that strives to become country’s number one trusted source for consumer finance information and knowledge.


You need money. Let`s say to buy a Tiffany`s wedding band (girls love those). Once you cross the threshold of a bank it begins – confusion. Loans, short-term, long-term, interest costs, fees and charges. Maybe should I try another bank? Better to try Friendly Finance, because we made it in a way that eliminates the chaos. For this project, a key target was to design a seamless web user experience, so that all major functions of the platform such as comparing loans, using advanced filters, calculating savings and getting the results can be performed within just a few clicks. Within the framework of this project, we were also asked to come up with a new logo that will be both easy to recall and symbolic.

“Zajno team put a lot of effort to accomplish what we tasked them with. We enjoyed collaborating with these guys, who always deliver on their promise and are passionate about what they do.”

Oliver Peckham, Co-Founder at Friendly Finance


When working on this project, we followed our comprehensive custom-built design process that comprises 5 interconnected steps such as initial project discovery, market research, brainstorming, prototyping and UI creation. This allowed us to always keep the project under full control.

Loan calculator

We work to make our clients’ projects stand out. The most delicious feature of the app is the aspect of functionality. Loan calculator contains numerous 3rd party integrations. It allows advanced filtering by the level of income, loan amount, term and state thus providing a holistic overview of what’s out there on the market and offering a possibility to jump at the chance to apply right away.


We managed to deliver a clean, professional and user-friendly web experience tailored to the needs of the platforms’ target audience, which is pretty heterogeneous from the age standpoint. Friendly Finance is redefining the way people compare loans and find the best suitable offer.

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