MicroAcquire Buy a startup

MicroAcquire Buy a startup

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    since Sept 2019

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    Product Hunt x 1

    Awwwards x 2

    CSS x 4

On the day of release, the website and web app became #1 on Product Hunt

MicroAcquire is a startup acquisition marketplace. Simply put, it’s a product that helps startups find buyers. During our collaboration, we made the product from scratch creating a web application that connects startup sellers with potential buyers. Following the web app, we made a website to present the product with all its benefits to the world. We used such technologies as React, MobX, GSAP, Firebase and Lottie.

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“All you need to do is clearly articulate your goal and let them run with it.” Andrew Gazdecki

Andrew Gazdecki, founder of MicroAqcuire, came to us with a loose idea that was sketched out. He explained that having sold two businesses he realized how much expense and effort goes into being acquired. And yet thousands of founders embark on these laborious acquisitions every year. It was time to solve this problem with an innovative product. Andrew gave us his vision of the end result, said no to any micromanagement and let us do what we're best at.

Full-cycle product development with a brilliant result

We got down to business right away, designed & prototyped the future product, built the frontend, backend, the marketplace, and everything involved. The result is a single, convenient marketplace where people can do business without the rigmarole, cutting out the middlemen and red tape. No brokers, no fees, no hassle. On top of that, MicroAcquire is the only platform that connects startup buyers and sellers anonymously. It is a great feature because it helps startups avoid being destroyed by the news that they are up for sale.


“Zajno’s efforts have been met with high praise. Knowledgeable and creative, the team is filled with masterful designers. Our visitor to sign-up rate is about 40%. We get compliments from people all the time.”

Andrew Gazdecki, CEO at MicroAcquire


What is the result?

  • #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on January 17, 2020

  • Over 12,000 startups and buyers already do business on MicroAcquire

  • The visitor to sign-up rate is about 40%

  • Created a comprehensive product that includes a website & web app

  • Solved the problem of startup trading

  • Made responsive and mobile-friendly design

  • Created a set of custom illustrations and animations

  • Won 4 trophies on CSS Design Awards and 2 trophies on Awwwards


Awards & Recognitions

  • Product Hunt

    #1 Product of the Day

  • Awwwards

    Mobile Excellence

  • Awwwards

    Honorable Mention

  • CSS Design


  • CSS Design

    Special Kudos

  • CSS Design

    UI Design

  • CSS Design

    UX Design


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