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Maslo Humans First

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Transforming technology into products & services that help us become holistically better humans.

Maslo is an AI technology and the world's first empathetic computing platform that seeks to help us become better humans. Being Maslo partners, Zajno was in charge of integrating the technology into multiple products powered by Maslo, often creating these products from scratch . We have made several landing pages , mobile and web apps for Maslo and their partners using such technologies as React, MobX, GSAP, Firebase; Google APIs; Expo, React Native; Three.js, WebGL and Lottie.

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Humans First. Experience Second. Technology Third.

Maslo already powers several different apps that we've had the pleasure to create. These include an emotional health platform for executive coaches to help their clients grow, a soft skills assessment companion, a tool for therapists to understand what happens with clients between sessions, a companion for remote employees to feel connected and improve wellbeing, and many more. The platform captures and processes unstructured signals like audio, video, and biomarkers to infer mental states, behaviors, and change in people over time.

Today’s technologies can do so much more than capture our attention, they should help us become better people

Maslo’s mission is to power a world in which empathetic computing helps us understand ourselves to live creatively and fully… whatever that means for each person. In all products, Maslo AI acts as an empathetic companion that encourages emotional fluency, self-awareness, and personal growth . Therefore, the main design principle was to create the sensation of companionship - the feeling of friendly presence. For example, the promo website we made for Maslo is flowing and interactive, like a living organism, creating a calm and reassuring atmosphere.


“Dude the site is slick! I was on that site playing for like 10 minutes. Everything is well thought out and it was a joy to navigate the site. It was focused. The UX was fantastic. Loved the UI and the cursor.”

Chris Delbuck, head of product design at Calm


What is the result?

  • Created 3 mobile apps, 2 web apps and 3 landing pages for Maslo and partner products

  • Product design and development support for over 2 years

  • Participated in Maslo AI creation

  • Integrated Maslo AI into multiple platforms

  • Created dozens of custom illustrations and icons

  • Won 2 trophies on Awwwards and 4 on CSS Design Awards


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  • CSS Design

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