Inventure Empathy

Inventure Empathy

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  • Timeframe

    3 months

  • Awards

    Awwwards x 2

    CSS x 4

Building an immersive sign-up experience for an AR game

Inventure is an AR-based mobile game designed to help teens develop empathy . Our task was creating an engaging sign-up landing experience to collect email addresses and get people to join the new game while it was under development. We implemented it with such technologies as HTML/CSS and GSAP. We also crafted sound design for the experience to make it more immersive.

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Developing empathy and emotional awareness in teens using their favorite medium

A few words about the game. The rise of mental health problems amongst teenagers means that the world needs a solution that speaks their language and is built within a medium teens enjoy most, games. That’s how this game was conceived. The idea of the game is to grow gamers’ emotional awareness as an indirect result of an immersive and fun experience, just like getting exercise in Pokémon Go.

Who wouldn't like to be a hero and help a girl to save the world?

Our goal was intriguing potential users and allowing them to frictionlessly fill out the shortest sign-up form ever (email capture, get it?). So, we built the sign-up experience around the game’s main character, Pythia. She is an AI-based girl from the future who is on a mission to save the world, and she needs help. The experience aims at getting people to empathize with Pythia and do what’s possible to help her out.


“As the experience was meant to trigger a strong emotion, the visual and audio content was so intense that it was a bit emotionally challenging to spend weeks interacting with it. Nevertheless, the project was so fascinating that it was totally worth it.”

Fitzsyke, front-end developer at Zajno


What is the result?

  • Created an engaging, interactive sign-up experience that matches the game’s idea and futuristic style

  • Crafted unique sound design for the experience

  • Developed an immersive narrative making users feel like heroes within a short experience

  • Gained a deeper understanding of the cyberpunk aesthetic

  • Won 4 trophies on CSS Design Awards and 2 trophies on Awwwards


Awards & Recognitions

  • CSS Design


  • CSS Design

    Special Kudos

  • Awwwards

    Honorable Mention

  • CSS Design

    UI Design

  • CSS Design

    UX Design

  • Awwwards

    Mobile Excellence


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