Flume Make me wet

Flume Make me wet

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    3 months

  • Awards

    Awwwards x 2

    CSS x 4

Helping California save water — how we explained Flume leak detection system

Flume is a smart leak detection system with the mission to save precious natural resources and customers’ money at the same time. Our task was to build a promo website to efficiently communicate that goal and present their innovative product, an intelligent leak detection sensor for water management via mobile app. Using HTML/CSS , GSAP and SVG animations we made a free-flowing, storytelling and functional website aimed at evoking emotions of fun, sophistication and comfort.

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Storytelling — catching water leaks before they drain your wallet

It was important for the design to not look stuffy and corporate: this was not just another product churned out by a large conglomerate, but something designed by a team passionate about solving a particular problem. As we often do, we turned to stories which, combined with relevant imagery, created an emotional impact that can achieve engagement and trust. We used a water-drip pattern as a linking element to unite the whole site into a single story. Our final design was not only clean, free-flowing and functional, but it also felt fresh and stood out from the crowd.

Empowering people with a crystal clear view of their water use

Our site helps audiences understand the dual benefits of Flume’s product: a solution to a financial problem, and to an environmental one, too. The final site is warm and engaging, while also being calm and reassuring, and it showcases the product’s features and benefits in an accessible way. And as with every Zajno product, if you look under the hood, you’ll see that all the inner workings are purring away smoothly, too.


“Zajno was a pleasure to work with! The entire team is professional and produces top-notch, high quality work. We really appreciated Zajno's transparency and their openness to provide suggestions on how to improve our concepts.”

James Fazio, CTO & Co-Founder at Flume, Inc


What is the result?

  • Created a free-flowing, functional and engaging website

  • Addressed an important environmental issue

  • Made laconic and aesthetically-pleasing interactive visuals that explain the product’s functionality

  • Implemented all animations with code to achieve maximum efficiency

  • Went for an unconventional style for this kind of product rejecting commonplace solutions

  • Created a fully responsive design for all devices

  • Won 4 trophies on CSS Design Awards and 2 trophies on Awwwards


Awards & Recognitions

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  • CSS Design

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    Honorable Mention

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    Mobile Excellence


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