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    6 months

Brightmark - company that aims at tackling the plastic waste problem.

Brightmark is a company that specializes in recycling organic waste into sustainable natural gas and developing cutting-edge methods for the plastics renewal process using scientific approaches and strong partnerships. The company entered the market in 2016. The main problem with the website was the lack of a clear and understandable layout of the information and the animations that would complement It. A user should enter the page and be informed about the company and Its main focus.

Zajno was in charge of working on and developing 2 pages. The section 'How It works', which is the most crucial part of the website that explains the whole procedure of recycling to a user

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The collaborative process helped overcome various obstacles.

It was a collaborative process with the client. The company provided us with the schemes of the equipment. Later on, we created the design based on the sketches to make everything look as realistic as it was possible. Fun fact, the company even provided our team with a guided tour around their office in San Francisco, which definitely helped the creative process.

Everything to understand the process

The goal was to create aesthetically-pleasing visuals that would explain the recycling process to the viewer in a simple, minimalistic way. Our team created 3d visuals, updated the layout, and used eye-catching inview animations to show the step-by-step recycling system. When you look at the pages, you can clearly understand how everything works and get the full idea of the company's methods.

Overall, we have achieved our goal and successfully brought our vision to life.

The design was a challenge for us which we have successfully overcome. The project was done with the help of Wordpress, Webpack, GSAP Animation, SVG, HTML5, CSS3, Typescript, Vimeo api, Scroll trigger gsap, ReactJS.


"Great work, we love the way the pages look and work. A few of our friends have said 'omg it’s like Apple' which is the best compliment you can get as a marketer."

Sam Mesquita, Digital Marketing Manager


What is the result?

  • Redesigned and developed 2 full pages with 3D animations and illustrations.

  • Collaborated with the client and created unique visuals inspired by the real design of the equipment.

  • Overcame the technical challenges and reached the initial goal of creating a minimalistic yet sophisticated design.


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