BlueIO Investment

BlueIO Investment

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  • Timeframe

    3 months

  • Awards

    Awwwards x 2

    CSS x 4

Building strong, lasting companies with purpose and profit for generations

BlueIO builds proactive global companies that are solving the world’s most pressing problems through deep technical innovation and a purposeful, long-term approach. During our collaboration, we created an unconventional website with interactive storytelling using such technologies as Squarespace, GSAP, SVG, HTML5, CSS3, Webpack, JSON-T and PHP.

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Projecting the brand’s nature through design

The primary objective of the site was to act as a hub for the three main audience groups - current community members, potential founder partners, and prospective investors. Our goal was to educate about the BlueIO and builder capital methodology and appeal to the builder capitalists who may not have the words to describe why what they do is so different from traditional venture capital, at a spiritual and tactical level.

Visualizing BlueIO’s care for the Blue Planet

Having studied BlueIO and their projects, we extracted the essence of the brand’s nature which they worded as “tranquility and calculated ethos” and built our design around it. The blue color represents the Earth and BlueIO’s mission to secure the future of our planet. Custom illustrations reflect various themes of BlueIO’s projects, all focused on sustaining the world. The storytelling effect created by animations allows the site visitors to dive into the depth of BlueIO and learn it from the inside out.


“It was an interesting and challenging project especially in terms of our successful implementation of unconventional designs and interactive animations via Squarespace.”

Egor Nechaev, front-end developer at Zajno


What is the result?

  • Implemented unconventional design solutions on Squarespace

  • Created an interactive experience with storytelling animations

  • Made a set of custom illustrations styled on Asian brush artistry

  • Reflected the brand’s essence through design

  • Currently nominated on Awwwards and CSS Design Awards

  • Won 2 trophies on Awwwards and 4 on CSS Design Awards


Awards & Recognitions

  • Awwwards

    Honorable Mention

  • Awwwards

    Mobile Excellence

  • CSS Design

    Special Kudos

  • CSS Design

    UI Design

  • CSS Design

    UX Design

  • CSS Design



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