BiomeSense Microbiome

BiomeSense Microbiome

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  • Timeframe

    3.5 months

  • Awards

    Awwwards x 2

    CSS x 4

Presenting the revolution of human microbiome research

BiomeSense is a microbiome startup developing novel tools aimed to revolutionize the diagnostic use of microbiome data and bring tangible benefits to human health. During our collaboration, we designed and developed a new, slick and intuitive website that more effectively communicates the company’s purpose and value proposition. We used such technologies as Webflow, Figma, Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D.

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Visualizing complex bioscience technology in 3D

One of our primary design goals was finding an effective way to showcase BiomeSense’s complex technology through smart 3D graphics and infographics. To create them, we first made a design draft and a storyboard with 2D sketches. We consulted a lot with the client to make sure our visuals would hit the spot (being exactly what the client was after). Only after approving the sketches with the client, we moved on to recreating them in 3D. We built the entire website on Webflow, creating custom animations and using no templates. As we don’t normally work with Webflow, this was a valuable experience and a great opportunity to upgrade and broaden our set of skills.

Addressing the challenge of the informational overload

Since BiomeSense’s intended target audiences are scientists, biopharmaceutical companies and academic institutions, we had to come up with a highly informative and clear website to best serve their needs. Sure thing, the website was to include a great deal of copy, therefore our main challenge was to avoid clutter. Our solution was applying a clever layout and balancing the text out with additional graphics that visualised the concepts explained in the text.


There were some parts of this project that were a bit ambiguous, but they were able to take certain aspects and run with them

Wade Prospere, BiomeSense Advisor


What is the result?

  • Created dozens of 3D visuals and infographics that effectively showcase the company’s technology & value proposition

  • Built the entire website on Webflow with custom 3D animations

  • Made an informationally saturated website look simple, modern and aesthetically pleasing

  • Clearly visually demonstrated BiomeSense’s entire technology ecosystem

  • Won 4 trophies on CSS Design Awards and 2 trophies on Awwwards / Nominated on Awwwards, CSS & FWA


Awards & Recognitions

  • Awwwards

    Honorable Mention

  • Awwwards

    Mobile Excellence

  • CSS Design

    Special Kudos

  • CSS Design

    UI Design

  • CSS Design

    UX Design

  • CSS Design



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