8finance Crypto Entry

8finance Crypto Entry

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  • Timeframe

    3-4 months

  • Awards

    Awwwards x 1

    CSS x 4

'8finance' - a project about a new era of cryptocurrency.

The company confidently entered the market with a blockchain coin, and our task was to help them visualize it by developing a design and branding for the website. 

At first, you may ask yourself: what are these circles, figures, and puzzles? The answer is clear as a day: to help you navigate the website and ease user experience. And now, dear reader, let's delve into a detailed description.

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Building brand identity through dynamic visuals

As for branding, it was one of the most complex projects. Our illustrator Sofy and designer Vlad brainstormed logo concepts and created a logo assembled from different parts. The moving figures mixed with the meditative design coined a new direction and became the project's fundamental idea. Meditative design is a vital secret of the website. All the elements evolve smoothly and are harmoniously connected with others. Generally, crypto is associated with something stressful, but this website is a place to convey the opposite — lightness, easiness, and simplicity. Several concepts were presented to the client, and we saved the idea of the number '8': eight components of a successful currency, according to the company's philosophy. There are two coins in the middle, 8F, and 8B. There is an interaction option with the website in terms of implementing new features. In other words, the website isn't empty, and you observe the well-developed animation on the main page. Next, page scrolling: the more you scroll, the closer you are to solving a puzzle. One, two, three, four - and you can see an 8f logo. If you gradually familiarize yourself with the information, you will find your coin or result on this product in the end.

Collaborating to create the perfect design

Overall, this project was about teamwork in its purest form: while Vlad made a wireframe of the site, Sofia did sketches of the logo and illustrations simultaneously. The whole team sees the full concept. While someone throws an idea with an aesthetic question, the other person understands how it will be implemented technically. Everything was done in close collaboration with 3D designers; as a result, the work process was smooth, quick, and transparent because we were on the same wavelength. The project was done with the help of Figma, Photoshop Illustrator, and Blender for initial 3D concepts.


Our team is incredibly grateful for all the hard work you've put into the project. Thank you for creating such a cool concept and making it come to life.

8.Finance, Team


What is the result?

  • Redesigned and developed a website with 3D animations and illustrations in a limited period of time

  • Collaborated with designers and created a unique concept for the platform.

  • Created '8finance' brand identity from scratch

  • We adhered to minimalism throughout the creation process, creating a mood board with multiple puzzles, objects, etc.

  • Won the trophy on Awwwards and 4 trophies on CSSDA


Awards & Recognitions

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