Altruus is a premier giving app that allows people to give gifts to the friends and family they are connected to via social media networks.


We tasked ourselves to create an entire ecosystem and make a consistent experience while the user goes through the journey. Two main points that we wanted to approach were to focus on the particular target group and make the user interface intuitive with easy navigation. That is why we designed two apps that are interconnected with each other.

“Zajno team possesses a deep understanding of human behavior and interaction with design and technology to produce usable designs that encourage and empower people to engage and interact.”

Francisco Bonilla Kuhlmann, Co-Founder and CEO at Altrüus LLC


Our design team fell on brainstorming and went through the industry research to figure out what each side values most. To go deep into these values and get the main message across the audience we paid particular attention to user flow mapping and wireframing. We tested apps in real-world environments to make sure that a design solution we implemented is flawless.


User onboarding is one of the most important parts of the customer journey. To engage users right from the first launch of the app we crafted all of the custom illustrations with soul and passion.



We worked closely with the Altruus team to accomplish our ambitious goal of popularizing gift-giving habit and making this world more altruistic, where by giving, people receive. The result of our collaboration is officially launched on the App Store.

altrus-iphone altrus-ipad

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