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We strongly believe that the future is digital, and we strive to make this experience as good as it gets, always pushing the boundaries. Constant growth and innovation is what we’re after. Talk to us and see for yourself.


Zajno is …

An international digital product agency. We create products we are proud of. Tell us your idea and we’ll do everything else - from research and planning to custom design and development. We help startups and businesses achieve their goals and score big.

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KONUX is an award-winning IIoT start-up that offers smart sensor solutions to allow complete digitalization of manual measurements, comprehensive sensor data tracking, and AI-based analytics.

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Micro Movers

Micro Movers provide a very affordable way to load, haul and deliver simply anything you need to any place you want.

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Friendly Finance

Friendly Finance is an Australian financial start-up that strives to become country’s number one trusted source for consumer finance information and knowledge.

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